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Spray Tans, Sunscreens and Tanning Lotions

What You Probably Don't Want to Know

Most sunscreens, tanning lotions and spray tanning products contain very toxic ingredients and should never be applied to the skin. They are supposed to help prevent cancer by blocking the sun's ray or offering alternative ways of getting a tanned-looking complexion, but sadly, the opposite is true. Skin cancer is on the rise and these products are most likely contributing to it. In fact, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the USA accounting for almost half of all cancer cases. Perhaps it is time to stop blaming the sun and reassess the actual cause of skin cancer.

Sunshine is crucial for our health. It is necessary for the production of vitamin D which is enormously important to our vitality. Vitamin D strengthens bones, the immune system and helps reduce the risk of various cancers such as breast, colon, kidney and ovarian. Without vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, cholesterol cannot be removed from the body by the liver. It regulates at least 1,000 different genes governing virtually every tissue in the body.

The skin absorbs everything that we put onto it. Therefore, it makes sense that we should not apply something we would not put in our mouth. Absorbing chemicals through the skin is actually far more dangerous than ingesting them. This is because they are not decomposed by the potent hydrochloric acid in the stomach before reaching the bloodstream. Stomach acids work to neutralize toxins to some degree and then the remaining toxins are passed through the normal filtration of the digestive system. Chemicals absorbed through skin do not get diluted, filtered, or neutralized at all. They enter the bloodstream, bypassing digestive decomposition.

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